Monthly Salary

Monthly Salary disbursed through Electronic Clearing System         Format G
S.No Name Date of Birth Designation PAN No. SB A/c No. Name of the
1 Jayashree Rani B 05.06.1977 Principal ANXPJ5261E 1234101170255 Canara Coonoor
2 Arul Jeyaraj B 09.02.1950 Coordinator 1214101060609 Canara Mettupalayam
3 Chitra B 01.10.1968 Asst. Professor in Perspectives
in Education
ATLP64778 1314101062000 Canara Mettupalayam
4 Magadevi.D 21.06.1979 Asst. Professor in Pedagogy of Tamil 5980101000185 Canara Mettupalayam
5 Paul Jebastin S 19.08.1985 Asst. Professor in Pedagogy of English 1314101066744 Canara Mettupalayam
6 Silambarasan.K 07.01.1988 Asst. Professor in Pedagogy of Mathematics DLBPS0182J 1314101066744 Canara Mettupalayam
7 Selvakumari N 09.04.1673 Asst. Professor in Pedagogy of Biological Science 1314101061994 Canara Mettupalayam
8 Alice Pushparani J 13.06.1981 Asst. Professor in Pedagogy of Physical Science 1314101066838 Canara Mettupalayam
9 Thowlathnisha M 30.03.1986 Asst. Professor inPedagogy of Computer Science AYRPT8404G 1314101062027 Canara Mettupalayam
10 Vijayalakshmi R 16.07.1978 Physical Director 1031101028076 Canara Mettupalayam
11 Leena A 07.02.1977 Librarian 1314101062094 Canara Mettupalayam
12 Radha K 25.03.1975 Junior Assistant BQOPR7366F 1314101062227 Canara Mettupalayam
13 Rajamani Helper 1314101061983 Canara Mettupalayam
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